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美西臺灣人夏令會 TAC/WC 2013
EBTA Newsletter #90 January 2015
SVTAA Newsletter August 2013

********** General Activities **********

Chthonic (閃靈)
 It is an honor to announce that celebrity Freddie Lim will be in the Bay Area to speak about his campaign for the legislative seat in the Monga (萬華) and 中正 (Chongcheng) districts.
 Freddy has had an illustrious career as lead singer of Chthonic (閃靈) and Chairman of the Taiwan chapter of Amnesty International.
 Please be sure to sign up on Eventbrite for admission to the event.
 When: Sunday, July 12at 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: Taiwanese American Center 4405 Fortran Ct, San Jose, California 95134
Cost/費用: $10 DINNER (students free)
Membership Dues

May I remind you our 2015 FAPA membership dues are due. It is time that our chapter starts the due collection process.

The schedule of FAPA membership fees is as below.
·         Regular membership: Single: $50, Couple: $70
·         Permanent membership: Single: $1,200, Couple: $1,500
·         Student membership: Single: $25, Couple: $35
·         FAPA-100 Club permanent membership: $2,400, or $100 /month in 24 installments
·         FAPA-200 Club permanent membership: $4,800, or $200/month in 24 installments
·         FAPA Sponsor $10,000
·         FAPA Patron $20,000
·         Other additional donations to FAPA
 Would you use the attached form to fill out, update your contact information, and mail your check to our treasurer Daniel Wang by June 20.  Please make check payable to “FAPA” and send it to:
                                  Daniel Wang
                                1036-A Jackson St
                                San Francisco, CA 94133

Be reminded our membership fees and donations to FAPA help Taiwan and Taiwanese American go a long way for actions in the Capital Hill. This is our strong and direct action to help shape a better future for Taiwan.

For those of you who can and have gone beyond regular membership to become the member of FAPA-100, FAPA-200, FAPA Sponsor and FAPA Patron, your action speaks like thunders. Nevertheless, let no one underestimate what the vast numbers of regular membership have brought to lay the corner stone of FAPA. I thank you on behalf of FAPA.

Bring A New Member

As you pay your dues, may I urge you also to consider bringing in a new FAPA member. All you need to do is to give your friend a call and introduce him/her to FAPA organization.
 FAPA’s Special Achievements in 2015

Among many splendid advocacy efforts in DC for Taiwan, the greatest achievements for FAPA in 2015, I thought, has directly and indirectly assisted the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan to grow.  FAPA had actively arranged special meetings to help those young leaders from Sunflower Movement to meet and communicate with many important posts in the US government. FAPA further consolidated this rising force from the student groups to form the Overseas Taiwanese for Demorcracy (海外台灣青年陣線 ) . You will be glad to know that the movement will continue …..

 FAPA hosts Freddy Lim (林昶佐) from the New Power Party (時代力量)
7月12日 18:30
San Jose, California 的 Taiwanese American CenterIt is time to support a new young generation of Legislators, like Freddy Lim.
Please come to join us if you're in San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area.hsioutean@gmail.com

Summer Picnic
8/29/2015 (星期六)

 9月12日(星期六),北加州台灣同鄉聯合會一年一度的台美人陳文成紀念盃網球比賽,今年再次在Fremont市的Community Tennis Center舉行。中午12點由聯合會會長主持開幕典禮,一開始先介紹每年網球比賽紀念陳文成博士為台灣民主運動犧牲的緣由,全體為他英年早逝而默哀後,球員們隨即開始迎戰較勁。
cchung@carollo.com Charles Chung 925-787-0112

2015 EBTA 東灣年會
 2015 EBTA 東灣年會
12/5/15 (星期六)
EBFUMC 東灣台灣基督教會
1755 Sunnyvale Ave.
Walnut Creek, CA

********** Periodic Activities **********
Happy Senior Day on Every Thursday
 主辦: 台灣會館
 時間: 每周四  10:30AM~2:30PM
 地點: 台灣會館
4413 Fortran Court, San Jose, CA. 95134
Tel: (408) 263-7188
 費用: $2/人
 活動內容: 影片、音樂欣賞,台灣即時連線電視節目,卡拉OK,健康諮詢,讚美操,元極舞,瑜珈,乒乓球,下棋,聊天,採自由參與方式,初期將提供免費簡易午餐(需預先報名,統計人數,以利午餐的準備,謝謝合作!!).報名截止時間為每周三中午12點前. 當天walk in 者費用$3/人

TAC 桌球俱樂部
 活動時間: July/ 15 /2011 開始 每週五 1:00PM~3:00PM
 地點: 台灣會館
4413 Fortran Dr. San Jose CA 95134
 技術指導: 張典翯 牧師
 參加者敬請自備球具,報名熱線 (408)263-7188
 e-mail: taccontactus@taiwanacenter.org  張麗雪 Li Hsueh
 Please click here to see the flyer.

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